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Celebrating your successes

I guess if you have read my book, you are perfectly aware of my fascination for bells, especially the really large ones. Knowing how these huge things produce a remarkable vibrational impact when set in motion, I was amazed when I learned that a Norwegian company only last week celebrated the unveiling of their newest investment - a 5.300 pound large church bell, the nr. 4 amongst large church bells in Norway. And as the company´s CEO said in his speech:

"There are times when we want to look up towards the roof, punch each other friendly and say that to day we have achieved something really great together. That is when we set this bell into motion"

What a fantastic way of celebrating ones successes!!

I apologize for the norwegian sound in this video, but hope you can still enjoy watching the bell-making process. Please also notice the normal sizes of celebrations bells shown in the video - them being aprox 4-12 pounds in size. No wonder the CEO of the only Bell factory in Norway initially thought is was a misunderstanding when the order for this bell stated the 5.300 pound!

If you have not tried to stand close to a church bell moving, I can tell you it sure does fill you with awe!

How do you celebrate your successes? Please post me a comment on facebook as I would love to hear your story too!

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