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     What if you were to magically be visited by someone you loved dearly, who freely offered you amazing advise on how to create the life you've always dreamed of living?

     Well, in Grandma Gjertrud's Bedtime Stories that's exactly what happens!

     Karoline, a thirty-six year old busy career woman, is caught up in crisis and is almost at her wits end when Grandma Gjertrud, her wonderful, caring, and very wise grandmother, decides to make several nocturnal visits to her favorite granddaughter to help get her back on track and involved with living. And thus begins several "visits" from the other realm between a warm yet humorous old soul and a desperate woman trying to put the pieces of her life back together.

     Many women face struggles in their lives as does the main character in this feel-good, transformational novel. As Karoline's problems turn out to be connected to episodes in her childhood, teenage, and early adult years, Grandma Gjertrud tells her a series of bedtime stories that soothe her worries, rewrite her past, and reveal new directions for Karoline's life that she never thought possible.

     Because of Karoline and Grandma Gjertrud's close connection to Mother Nature, they harness the natural talent women seem to have for helping others get their vibrations back in alignment. While this story is fictious, the lessons one learns from reading the insights provided in this book can be adopted into real life, helping the reader to make positive changes in their daily lives.

     Grandma Gjertrud's Bedtime Stories will not only provice you with hours of reading enjoyment, it will also give you points to consider while instituting change into your life and nourishing the child within.

     After all, we can all benefit from learning "secrets" to a better life, even if they do come in the mystical form of a dream!








Grandma Gjertrud's BEDTIME STORIES

"The whole book is lovingly layered with ideas of how to live a life integrated on all levels -- working with the land and animals, getting along with family, breaking out into ever-growing wisdom and spiritual sensitivities. I really loved the weaving you did of the farm lifestyle, the shy romance of Gjertrud and Bernt, and the time travel including the re-writing of Karoline's story to heal her. It is exceptionally well thought out and profound in its simplicity. I will give this a 5-star review with complete integrity!

With vast appreciation for your wisdom and kindness,"

                        Anna Michael Krista


"We're never too old to listen to stories.
Part of Grandma Gjertrude's strategy is looking at life's interruptions not in a negative way but rather in a positive way by considering them as “perfect timing". Everything happens for a reason, even if its inconvenience is initially seen in a negative way
These tips are all meant to help us listen to our own Inner Voice.  When we are true to ourselves, when we love the soul that we carry within ourselves, we will find the balance we need to live in this world with more happiness and understanding.
Anyone can be a Grandma Gjertrude . It suffices to tell a story where a valuable lesson in living a better life is learned. Tell the story to anyone, including yourself.
I highly recommend taking the time to learn more about Grandma Gjertrude's wisdom. And be prepared for a surprising twist at the end."

                               Viviann Napp

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