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Grandma Gjertrud's Baked Apples

(2 portions)


This is my favourite apple treat. With only three

ingredients, it is easy to make. In the apple season we tend to make it every evening to use all the small or oddly shaped apples that are not fit to become dried apples. We all enjoy having this evening treat, be it served by the fire outside or at the kitchen table. On special occations we add honey and somtimes butter, but it tastes great without too. Make sure to bake it until the apples are softened, as that brings out their


It even tastes good served with custard, ice cream or yogurt.


You need this:


4 small apples

(or the equivalent amount in leftover parts from rinsed apples picked from the ground.)


1 large handfull nuts

(I use almonds or a mixture of almonds and walnuts.)




Optional addings if desired:


1 tbs Honey


1 tbs Butter


Do like this:


Remove the apple core and cut the apple in two and then in boats.


Fill the apples in an oven-safe container.


Chop the nuts coarsly and sprinkle them over the apples.


Sprinkle cinnamon.


If you want to add honey, sprinkle it over.


If you want to add butter, cut it in 2-4 parts an add it over the apples.


Toss it all slightly around.


Bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for aproxemately 25minutes.



Serve immediately, although cold leftovers always disappear too.


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