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4 - 3 = 1 or The Roosters' Last Stand

When you have four roosters you know perfectly well that sooner or later three of them are really likely to leave - one way or the other. I should have slaughtered them a long time ago, but I had great problems choosing which one to keep, and I even think that the whole butchering process is a bit heavy, so procrastinating it has been really easy. But today the day had come. Luckily a friend came over and offered to help, thrilled by the possibility of bringing an organic, well tasting bird back home with her. - we are definitely talking "perfect timing" here. Being two made the process SO much easier, and now the useful internals are in the freezer, together with the piled feet, ready to make some great broth, whilst the hulls are lodging in the fridge to soften up before cooking. - we sure do have something to look forward to!

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