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Gunnhild Wik Mikkelsen

Gunnhild Wik Mikkelsen is a real life Grandma Gjertrud. She lives on a farm in Norway and knows many of the wisdom arts of nutrition, healing, and peace keeping. Gunnhild is a transformative storyteller who loves to tell stories that entertain and speak to your soul. A Clinical Nutritionist, nutritional therapist, and homeopath practitioner, she has worked in several hospitals and in her own clinic for almost thirty years. She has also been a foster mom for more than seven years. Today she lives on an organic farm where animals, vegetables and herbs are her fellow co-creators of a holistic lifestyle.


In her book, using bedtime stories from the archetypal feminine wisdom keeper- Grandma Gjertrud, she walks her heroine, Karoline, through the stages of her past to retell her history and restore her true self in the present. These stories give you a peace-filled space to be introspective in your own life and to find your way through the maze of daily challenges to a life well lived.

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