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Taking Care of All The Apples...
The Smell of Dried Apples...

My grandmother was great at taking care of and stocking all the things growing on the farm, and as soon as the apple trees started to let down apples, she would collect them and start making all sorts of wonderful things -

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Tilslørte Bondepiker...
Baked apples...

               Apple season - on harvesting apples

I grew up with the saying "an apple a day, keeps the doctor away". In good years I tend to think that to be able to take care of all the apples, I need to process at least a bucket full of apples a day. 

In these blogposts, I´ll share some useful tips on how to turn all the apples into pleasure for you and your friends.


This is my favourite apple treat. With only three ingredients, it is easy to make. In the apple season we tend to make it every evening to use all the small or oddly shaped apples that are not fit to become dried apples. We all enjoy having this evening treat, be it served by the fire outside or at the kitchen table - read more

This is a traditional Norwegian desert, originally made with apple sauce, crumbles and whipped cream. My version is glutenfree, can easily also be without milk, and contains raw apples - and has become a dear favourite - read more

As I grew up, my mother had this great elektrolux kitchen machine that could eat whole cooked apples and separate out the core on making apple sauce. 

But what do I do to day when trying to take care of all the apples? - read more

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